Dorothy Dudley Reed
In loving memory
This website is to honor her life and to share with others her inspirations and achievements.

She wanted everyone to be happy and rejoice that she has joined her family and friends in heaven. 

Many remember her as the "Life of the Party".  During High School in Atchison, KS she was in several plays.  In College at KU, she was a member of Tri Delta Sorority and led the Freshman walk-out with another Atchison/Fraternity friend, whom they remained friends up to her passing.  In Wichita, she was instrumental in bringing Public TV to Wichita. In Kansas City, she was a Realtor/Broker.  She was a memeber of KCMO Junior League, PEO, Friends of Art, Mainstream Coalition, and the Crack club at Kenilworth, plus others.

She wishes all who read this to be inspired to live life to its fullist, always have a positive mental attitude, and be strong in whatever challenge that you face.

God bless you!
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